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Flowers for the Altar

The Altar flowers are a sign of our thanks to God, and a symbol of new life in Christ. We are grateful to everyone who is moved to give flowers on a particular Sunday. Floral arrangements are often given in thanksgiving to God for a family member's birthday, wedding anniversary or other blessing. They are also given in memory of a departed loved one or friend.

Easter is observed with lilies and Christmastide with poinsettias. During certain seasons of the church year, flowers are not part of the offering. Please contact the church if you have questions about flowers for a specific date. 

If you have questions regarding signing up for flowers, please contact the church office at 817-326-6074 or

You do not have to contact a florist; all of the arrangements can be handled for you by the church Flower Guild. The cost of Altar flowers is $50.00 for 2 vases. Please put your completed form in the collection plate or hand it to an usher. A member of the Flower Guild will contact you. If two or more persons request the same date, the Flower Guild will work with you to find an acceptable outcome. You are more than welcome to bring your own arrangement.

The flowers are yours at the end of the service.

If you plan to take your flowers, please bring a container in which to transport them.

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