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Music Ministries - choir practice and fellowship. This is an opportunity for music lovers to gather together and use their gifts to praise God!

The Choir leads the congregational singing of hymns and service music, as well as offering special pieces at certain points during the worship service. They practice weekly to ensure everyone is listening to each other and blending into the best possible sound. If you are interested in joining the choir, please contact the church and request a call back from Mitzi Ames, Music Director:


Music in The Episcopal Church can be as diverse as its worship services. Our hymnals draw all Episcopalians together musically in the same way that the Book of Common Prayer draws us together in prayer and liturgy. Most recently revised in 1982, The Hymnal of The Episcopal Church offers 720 hymns in addition to liturgical music. While some of the hymns date back to monastic chants, the hymnal offers more modern music as well.

“The Hymnal 1982 retains the best of the past and sets forth many riches of our own time.  [The Standing Commission on Church Music] looked for theological orthodoxy, poetic beauty, and integrity of meaning. At the same time, the Commission was especially concerned that the hymnody affirm ‘the participation of all in the Body of Christ the Church, while recognizing our diverse natures of children of God.’ … Texts and music which reflect the pluralistic nature of the Church have been included, affording the use of Native American, Afro-American, Hispanic, and Asian material.”

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