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Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has consistently invited  Episcopalians to reimagine ourselves as the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement, a community of followers who live Jesus’ Way of Love. In these times of challenge and change, he offers this statement and the accompanying resources as a prayer, a vision, a fervent hope for who we seek to be and are already becoming.

We are becoming a new and re-formed church, the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement—individuals, small gathered communities and congregations whose way of life is the way of Jesus and his way of love, no longer centered on empire and establishment, no longer fixated on preserving institutions, no longer shoring up white supremacy or anything else that hurts or harms any child of God.

By God’s grace …



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Diocesan Vision, Mission and Core Values


Vision/ Visión
As followers of Jesus Christ, we are One Church within the Anglican Communion and The Episcopal Church. All are sought and embraced in worship, mission and ministry in a spirit of mutual love and respect.


Como seguidores de Jesucristo, somos Una Iglesia dentro de la Comunión Anglicana y la Iglesia Episcopal. Todos somos llamados y abrazados en adoración, misión y ministerio en un espíritu de amor y respeto mutuo. 

Mission/ Misión
We are one Church reconciled by Jesus Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, called by God through worship, witness and ministry, building the Kingdom of God together.


"Somos Una Iglesia reconciliada por Jesucristo, autorizados por el Espíritu Santo, llamados por Dios por adoración, testigo y ministerio, construyendo el Reino de Dios juntos".

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