We Are Returning to In Person Worship (phase II)

Dear members of Good Shepherd and friends,

Your rector and staff joyfully announce that on September 13th , 2020, in the year of COVID-19, we are returning to in person worship with the altar party and ten other persons seated in the nave. The church is just about ready to be back in full function. The office will open on the Tuesday after Labor Day, and will be open, I think, from 10:00 A.M.-2:00 P.M., Mon-Thurs. Our ushers and altar guild, our wardens, our sexton and all are ready to begin phase 2 of this kind of worship. If all goes as planned, we plan to increase the number of people in the nave, each Sunday, until we reach full capacity for phase 2. Here is a glimpse of what phase 2 will look like:


  1. Everyone who enters the building must wear a face mask. All must sanitize your hands at one of the sanitizing stations. You must make all effort to remain 6 feet from other people

  2. Everyone who enters the building will have their temperature taken.

  3. There will be directional signs, showing you where to enter.

  4. The doors will be opened by the ushers at exactly 9:15 A.M.

  5. The number of people allowed for each Sunday will be allowed in on a first come, basis. So, most of you will want to get in line, unless you are disabled and want to make a reservation with me.

  6. As persons arrive in their cars, the people in each car will be given their communion cups with bread and wine. No one will come to the altar rail, at this time, but those in the altar party, those in the pews and those in the parking lot will all commune at the same time. There will be a basket for disposal of your communion vessels.

  7. There will be offering plates on stands in the nave. The Altar Party will also collect the offering outside, as we have been doing.

  8. There will be no coffee hour, no food, no tables to sit at and visit. Those who want to visit before and after the service will need to gather in small socially distanced groups, outside.

  9. The pews will be marked for social distancing. No hugging. No passing of the Peace. No handshaking.

  10. Only the altar party will sing. There will be no hymn numbers or words to hymns in the bulletins.

  11. The liturgy will remain shortened, as it is now, to allow people who do not want to use the restrooms at church, time to get home.

  12. If you are sick, running fever, not feeling well, or know you have been exposed to COVID, we respectfully ask that you not enter the building.

  13. We will continue with all the current broadcasting we are now doing. All will still be able to worship with us.

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