Holy Week Begins

We Continue Worship As Usual (unusual?)


Dear People of God,


In the midst of the current trauma in the world, we can't forget Christ's final week on Earth, as we commemorate the Passion of the Palms on Sunday morning. Drive into the parking lot a little before 9:30 A.M., and tune your radios to FM 93.5. As you enter the church property, a palm frond will be placed under your windshield wiper. Please leave your windows closed. We have lots of palms, and we plan to use them.


Sunday's service will look a little more festive, but will end in a solemn tone. I will be preaching for our times. The music will be very nice, soothing and comforting. As you exit the church property, please leave your offering and receive your personal blessings. This is your one opportunity to roll down your window on Sunday morning.


We are accepting the special Easter Offering during all of Holy Week. This year's Easter offering goes to things that are yet unforseen. Since we don't yet know the specific future needs of the church's expenses, needs within our own church community, and needs in the larger community, we are asking that you be generous with your Easter offering. You may bring it on Sundays, mail it to the church at 4530 Acton Highway, Granbury, Texas 76049, or pay it online by clicking on this link and then clicking the donate button at the right top of the home page of the website: https://www.goodshepherdgranbury.org.


There is always reason to celebrate good news. As far as we know, no one in our flock has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Let's do our very best to keep it that way.


Monday-Friday of next week, there will be a drive through Stations of the Cross in our parking lot. In the next couple of days, you will be given a link to follow as you drive through the stations. Please stand by for details.


God bless you all as we move through the end of this solemn season of Lent, toward Easter, the hope of our salvation. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.




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