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Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT)

Executive Summary

Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd

August 2022

Overview  (full text of this summary is in the PDF to the right)


We had excellent participation (82) representing 126% of our most recent average Sunday/weekend attendance.  Thank you. This level of participation enables us to hear from and respond to a broad base of our congregation.  We were seeking to meet the threshold of 33% participation that provides us with valid, reliable and representative data.  We certainly met this threshold and are confident that the results reflect our entire congregation. 


In this assessment, our responses were compared to the responses of the last 250 congregations (nationally) that have participated in the CAT over the last 20-22 months.  Although every congregation is unique because of history, geography, size and denomination, congregations do hold much in common.  This information provides a benchmark for comparative purposes.

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