Good Shepherd is Active in these Community Outreach programs

Our number one focus is on outreach to the local community, the diocese, the region and the world.  We are committed to the following ministries:

Mission Granbury

A Beacon of Hope in Hood County

Our Vision: “Mission Granbury envisions a community free of violence, poverty, and hunger with resources available to individuals and families as necessary to achieve long-term stability.” Mission Granbury’s staff continues to work tirelessly to achieve this goal.  Despite many setbacks and challenges (including the May 15, 2013 tornado disaster, staff changes, and an increasing number of clients in need) the agency’s personnel continue to provide the necessary services for this community.




Habitat for Humanity

Granbury and Hood County

Habitat for Humanity is a nationwide effort to help build affordable homes for qualifying families. Construction is done with the help of the family members.

Visit their webpage at:

Their Facebook page is:


Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) - for children of Hood and Somervell Counties

The Court Appointed Special Advocates Program (CASA) appoints volunteers/mentors who advocate for abused and neglected children in Child Protective Services’ (CPS) custody. Advocates of the program are known as the child’s “CASA.” 


Advocates promote the child’s best interests, serve as a voice for their needs, and appear in court as direct support for the child.  In 2013, CASA’s 43 volunteer team served 168 children. There are only six CASA programs out of 61 in Texas where the CASAs are guardianad-litems (court-appointed guardians).  All of our CASAs are guardian ad-litems for the vulnerable children of Hood County. CASAs have long-standing respect from community leaders, and are well-regarded by local court officials.  Throughout the challenges a child faces undergoing the family court system, CASA volunteers provide a consistent, supportive, and positive influence for this vulnerable population.

Adopt a Soldier - USA

Covering US Soldiers in more than 170 countries

Adopt A US Soldier is a non-profit organization that seeks volunteers to help show the brave men and women fighting for our freedom that their sacrifices will not go unnoticed. It connects supportive civilians with deployed troops and offers a channel by which to communicate encouragement and express gratitude to those brave men and women serving in the United States Armed Forces.



Joseph's Locker

"Helping Neighbors in Need" in Hood County

We are a Food and Clothing Outreach Ministry that provides assistance with basic necessities of food, clothing, household supplies and the most basic need of all, the love of Christ. 


Joseph's Locker is supported by community donated funds only.A sixteen dollar donation can buy 100 lbs of food from county food banks.



Hogar Infantil

Chiapas, Mexico

Good Shepherd has been a major supporter of Hogar Infantil for many years. Hogar Infantil is located in southern Mexico, in the state of Chiapas. 


Visit their website at:

Their Facebook page is:

Meals on Wheels

Granbury, Texas

Members of Good Shepherd volunteer as drivers and helpers to provide delivery of meals.

This program is administered locally by the Hood County Senior Center


Their website is:

Their Facebook Page is:

Episcopal Relief and Development (ERD)

Give a Goat? a Chicken? a Pig? a Cow!

One of our many programs is helping farmers to raise goats. The farmers not only use the manure to improve their crops, but they have supplemental food for their families and can eventually sell or give the offspring to other famers. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving! This is a Christmas gift that won't go out of style.


Website:  ERD Gifts for Life!

Tanzanian outreach to a Family Friend

Help for the family and ministry of Fr. Vithalis Yusuph

Good Shepherd continues to help with the education of Fr. Yusuph's children and have provided a sewing machine (the old manual, treadle type) for his wife to begin her own small business.


Fr. Vithalis' Facebook page

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Healthy Kids distributes as many as 500 meals per day during the summer to kids from under-privileged families in Hood County. Our members volunteer their time to distribute to 8 distributions centers.

From Oct-Dec. 21rst, our volunteers work to provide toys for kids in Hood County. Last year we provided more than 2000 gift bags and more than 600 bicycles to under privileged kids. Local merchants provide discounts and outright gifts. We combine these with grant money and money from our church for this important outreach.